Personal Training
1-on-1 hourly sessions that are prepared around your specific needs and goals. LKYfit incorporates elements of traditional strength and conditioning training, mobility & flexibility work, and functional movement all in a high intensity & motivating environment. The energy and challenge of each session is cultured by you!

Nutrition Coaching & Support
With experience in a varying range of eating plans and diets, along with much consulting from Dr. John Berardi and his Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification, LKY offers nutrition coaching and counseling to best suit you, your body, and lifestyle. Building a better relationship with food and how it affects your body is top priority. Everyone’s relationship to nutrition and eating is dramatically different, wether you need to send LKY a picture of each meal, or have her go to the grocery store with you, all & any methods are utilized to help strengthen this food to body relationship.

-Preliminary assessments, nutrition & current eating questionnaire, body measurements, goal setting
-Food logging
-Detailed monthly meal plans that are designed to work with your schedule, lifestyle, and goals
-Biweekly nutrition meetings and check-ins with myself either in person or via phone, Skype, or FaceTime
-Monthly reassessments
-In-home kitchen & meal-prep tutorials
-Consistent support, motivation, tips, articles, recipes, etc. from yours truly

*Please inquire further if interested in this service.

Exercise Programs
In addition to programs that are prepared specific to your body and its needs during your training sessions, additional programs can be sent if desired. In need of travel workouts, “on your own” exercises, creative cardio plans? Don’t hesiate in asking! Please inquire further for rates.

-Body measurements & goal setting
-Monthly workout plans, 3 workouts per week, 12 workouts per month
-Additional cardio plans & exercises for active rest & recover days
-Consistent support, motivation, tips, articles, exercise videos, etc. from yours truly

*Please inquire further if interested in this service.